My very long and basic notes
My very long and basic notes
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Hour I: The Sign

Take photo through gap in wall, then lady on floor. Fight mother and daughter. Talk to Miku, check Yuu's room and go to dark room.

Pick up memo. Take photo of door. Go downstaris, pick up attachment. Take photo of corner.

Take photo of lady on floor. Check counter and go to door then phone.

Go to lady and fight ghosts.

Talk to Miku go to bed.

Hour II: The Manor of Sleep

Get key, go down open small door. Go out trigger cutscene. Re-enter and fight hat ghost.

Go to top floor do puzzle and fight hat ghost. Go down to bottom floor through small door.

Answer phone. Go to Miku's room check desk.

Hour III: The subduing Song

Take first left. Take photo of tree. Follow girl, take photo of door and go to hearth room and get 61 film on the way. Go upstairs and take photo of girl through gap in wall.

Go back to small door and enter, get key and fight child ghost.

Go downstairs talk to Miku check front door then see Miku then bed.

Hour IV: The Evil Dream1

Go down rope corridor take door on left. Go to end and check door, fight ghost.

Go back to start enter mask door. X, RX, LX, LX, RX, LX. Fight ghost return to rope corridor go to right door.

Run down get newspaper and go to Miku's room.

Hour V: Vanishing

Go up stairs. Check locked door and grab hairpin from vanity. Go downstairs and through door then to the end of corridor to trigger ghost.

Then go back and take a right. Go upstairs and get notes. Go down corridor under stairs and take photo of door.

Go back to vanity room. Take photo of vanity and return to blind room and go upstairs get key. Go back to vanity room. Leave and go up other staircase.

Go to Yuu's room and check loft. Check loft again.

Hour VI: The Sacrificial Pillar

Go to double doors and take a picture. Try to go to Grand clock room. Then go to vanity room and enter small door.

Defeat small girl and go do small door puzzle. Check hole. Go to Grand clock room and defeat hat ghost (use 61 film.)

Then go to double doors at the end of cross corridor. Use small door and defeat second hat ghost (use 61 film.) Go down other stairs and use door then proceed and fight 3rd hat ghost.

Go to hearth room and up ladders and use door. Get stone and camera attachment and leave. Head to rope corridor and use locked stone door. Kill last hat ghost (no need to kill the others use 61 film also.)

Then go to double doors (near tree.)

Go down use phone and go to bed.

Hour VII: The Hanging Prison

Head to Grand clock room and use vent.

Defeat child ghost. Then go to vanity room and use small door. Take picture through hole in floor and go through small door left of double doors (near tree.) Then across to other small door on oppsite side.

Then double doors at the end of the corridor and use small door in other building. Then go to blind room.

Light-blue, grey, red and dark blue.

Go to Miku's room. Go down talk to Miku then pick up cassette from counter and listen to tapes.

Hour VIII: The Vacant Dream

Go through Kusabi room and grab 14 film. Go in box woman room and grab key. Go upstairs unlock door and grab other keys.

Go back to Kusabi room. Run around and until door opens. Then to Mio. Grab stone and lens from desk then go downstairs.

Do stone puzzle. Top Left 2, Top Right 1, Bottom Right 1. Upgrade sensitivity X2 and Range X1 (use 61 film.) Fight Kusabi then go back and follow butterfly.

Go downstairs answer phone. Go to bed.

Hour IX: The Unleashing

Try to go through double doors then kill hat ghost. Head towards double doors at end of corridor and go to other building. Check wall with werid spot (door.) Take photo of floor.

Go back to tree area and fight hat ghost. Then open double doors.

Go downstairs answer phone twice. Then go to bed.

Hour X: The Piercing of Soul

Go to vanity room. Then downstairs to cross corridor then double doors to other building. Head to small door and go upstairs and push cabinet.

Grab zero film and diary and go through trapdoor. Fight ghost woman in hearth room. Then go to double doors (near trees) and go to building on left.

Grab stone and go upstairs. Then upstaris again. Top Left X2 Top Right, Bottom Right X2.

Go upstairs and take photo also grab 90 film (or later with Miku.) Go to roof and jump across. Cross beams and go down ladder. Defeat blind women. Then leave.

Go down to dark room. Then go downstairs and back upstairs to bed.

Hour XI: The Last Passage

Go through blind room take other door to double doors (near trees.) Then fo to left building. Go up both stairs and take photo of girl behind curtain and grab book.

Then go back to blind room and upstairs to cage. Then grab the mirror. Return back to double doors (near tree) and go to center building and hand ghost.

Then go through double doors in room and downstairs. Fight child ghosts (use 61 or/and left over 90.)

Go to Miku's room. Then to bed.

Enter through mask door. Fight ghost (use 90/61.) Talk to Kei then go to Yuu's room and check desk. Then go back to Yuu then bed.

Hour XII: The Ceremony of Commandment

Go to tree area and right side small door (facing double doors.) Do light puzzle. Right candle stick, top left, bottom and middle right.

Leave through door next to small door. Go to rope corridor left door. Go downstairs. Do light puzzle. right candle bottom left only + top 3.

Go to vanity room and fight ghost. Go down other stairs. Through mirror hallway. Light right candles in triangle. Left candle too. Return to vanity room. Go to small door left of double doors (tree area.)

Light right candles (all 4 on right side and top.) Go through doors to mirror plate room. Then downstairs. Fight hand ghost (use zero.)

Go downstairs. Search bag at couch. Lsiten to tape. Then to radio and then Miku's room. Up ladder into loft.

Get item and notes/film. Then go to bed.

Go to double doors.

Hour XIII: Calling of the Tatoo

Take left at cross corridor. Use projector and pick up mirror piece. Go out through other door to tree area. Pick up mirror piece from bottom of tree.

Go down to door right of tree area (facing double doors.) Go to center of blind room and get mirror piece. Then go back to tree area and go to vanity room.

Go upstairs to cage. Get mirror piece. Go down other staircase then through mirror hallway. Get mirror piece from room.

Go through double doors (tree area.) Pick up zero film from left side. Go into center building. Upgrade sensitivity + max valvue. Fight hand ghost. Use mirror. Pick up 90 film from behind curtain.

Final Hour: The Abyss of the Horizon

Check cage then go downstairs. Kill ghosts.

Fight Priestess.