I wrote an autosplitter/variable viewer for PCSX2/JPN version
4 months ago

if anyone's interested, I wrote some tools to practice the game, sharing in case it's useful for someone else. It's an ASL script for LiveSplit and the JPN version of Fatal Frame 3 ran on PCSX2. It has the following functionality:

  1. Shows the IGT as "Game Time", the same one you see in the pause screen and results menu
  2. Starts automatically when you select the difficulty and resets if you exit or load state into main meu
  3. Has the option to autosplit by hour (eventually I can make it all-doors if there's interest)
  4. Stores useful variables you can see without having to pause the game: points and amount of each film you have FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY. Obviously this is an unfair advantage over console, but I've been finding it useful to route points (for example: I learned that you gain 1000 points on many pictures that are revealed in daytime even though that doesn't show up on the camera)

ASL file

Instructions on how to use it on LiveSplit

If you have any suggestions, potentially useful functionality, or you tried it and it's not working for you, I'm happy to hear any feedback! :)

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