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I'm new to speedruns and was thinking about trying on my favorite game. I see there's never been any times set for an all trophy run. Since it takes 3 new games to get all the trophies, if I were to do it in one sitting would it be counted at all?


Well, you would probably be insane. Doing loads to previous saves where you do some trophy depending thing that prevents you from getting another one would be probably easier. And since you wouldn't start more than one new game(even if you did I don't think there would be a problem with that) then you would just continue the one sitting. But i don't think that it will be added as a category on since you would be like the only one who did that.

Mostlikely won't be a category>no point in asking if its gonna be counted>run the game anyway you want

GL on the runs tho

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We try to not have any categories with only 1 runner as it is just an uncontested WR. Really cool idea, would love to see it though.


Thanks guys. Even if it's not added, I think I'll give it a go.

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