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Any% No Intro Autosave starting file

No Intro starting save, with 10 AGI, 10 END, 2 INT and 3 LUCK. You can make your own Autosave with your own stats and different gender by enabling autosaves and exiting the freezer normally. (direct download)

By JinjeniaJinjenia

Backup Saves (July 2019)

Various saves throughout the route as of July 12, 2019. (external link)

By tomatoanustomatoanus

Warp% Saves (July 2017)

New warp% saves for newer warp% route, incase anyone wants to give cancer loadwarps a go. (direct download)

By tomatoanustomatoanus




All voice files

Current fastest language is French for Any%, and German for Sex%. (external link)

By JinjeniaJinjenia

Fallout 4 1.1.30 Full Backup

This is the full 1.1.30 game folder, including Creation Kit (.exe is in main folder). You need to have already installed Fallout 4 for Steam to recognize it, then just replace the entire game folder with this. (external link)

By JinjeniaJinjenia

Partial v1.1.30 files backup (Updated)

These are the files changed by various updates, keep in mind a new update might affect a new file that is not listed here! Prefer the downgrade patch if it is available! (external link)

By DaletDalet

Patches and Downpatches (Outdated) (external link)

By DaletDalet

v1.7.9 (for DLC runs)!caQXkQ6A!m5ENLYW1tTQeewY75yVFpA (external link)

By tomatoanustomatoanus