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I'm speed running the initial segment of FO 4, an impossible version of the main quest., just to challenge myself.
After numerous runs I had got my target goal accomplished in 8 hours 53 minutes. Then yesterday I completely rerouted my strategy as an experiment and suddenly knocked three hours off the time.

So my question is, does anyone have general suggestions as to how to plan routes? Any guidelines?
It's really frustrating pounding away run after run then suddenly discover nearly everything I've been doing is wrong and I needed to completely rethink my routing.

(If there is a category for most inept gameplay on the leaderboard I'm applying for the position of poster girl > Klutz runs)


what kind of run are you doing? I am not familiar with an impossible version of the main quest. Also I recommend you join the discord as there are plenty of others who would help you with routing ideas

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Thanks much for the response!

Right now I am simply orienting myself to speed running. I've chosen FO 4 because that is the only game I've played in almost 2 years so I'm familiar with it. My plan is to do the main quest.

Presently I'm just doing routing practice, using the Minutemen story line. But finding the best way to get from one place to another, and grabbing only what I will need... Sounds simple, about as simple as first year college engineering. Make a list in the correct order?, collect or do what is required, avoid fighting, what pre-requisites are required and what aren't or can be substituted or somehow avoided.

Discord wants me to download something. Is this necessary?


Yes downloading the discord app and making a profile is normal. A runner by the name of SnowconeJoey has already routed the minutemen run and he is in the discord. If you would like to watch his run I will also link it here.


There's an entirely new route for the MM that isn't available yet that has massive time saves and doesn't require looting in order to build beacons at every settlement.
A run with the new strats should be up shortly. Working on getting out the kinks.

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The following is all just practicing.
Just to add a little spice to my runs I'm doing it glitchless of course, no unnecessary kills and without armor. 100%+?

I came across an Explosive Assault Rifle at PC level 2. Is this a glitch? Seems it must be.
My video card sometimes nuts up and can seriously drop the frame rate. Elephant size pixels. Is it against the rules to drop to desktop and restart?
In rescuing Nick from Park Street Station I discovered Dino could be talked to instead of shooting him, so shooting him is against 100%+ No Unnecessary Kills rules?

This routing .... ARRRG!! I did an experiment run last night just to test some things and had saved 45 minutes! Then discovered a certain element hadn't spawned yet and to get it to spawn I'm forced to make an insane dash through numerous enemy locations and spawning points. Something that really would/should require multiple segments. Another half hour of wasted time or a huge amount of RNG luck.

I really should make some videos of When Things Go Very Wrong.
Just running the Nick rescue. From entering the station to his comment about the sky. Requires all head shots. I was 2 minutes ahead of my best run then accidentally shot Nick in the head - twice. Then missed Skinny Malone 4 times. and died.
A split second toss of a grenade and I could blitz through the area. Oop. Tossed a mine instead.
Easy head shot of a super mutant. A slight loss of time to expedite things. Super mutant does one of those sideways teleport numbers and I shot a Diamond security person instead. Of course everyone attacked the PC.
No stimpack! Oh well, drink water to restore health and die of radiation instead.


Comments from my partner:
"I think you could have made it if you had about 20 more stimpacks."
"Who made that gun; the Easter Bunny?


Restart. Entirely new route. PC needs to gain more levels. So new routing with different initial SPECIAL stats. for maximum XP gain. Then compromise for playability. Then compromise again for necessary accomplishments, and again for required perks.
My geometry class was easier.

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Mystic Pines!>Lexington!>Lex Apartments!>College Square!>Cam. Police!>Post 115!>Poly Labs!>CIT!>Amphitheater!>Boston Commons!>State House!>ParkSt. Station!>Vault 114! - get Nick>Hubris!>Trinity!>Library!>Police Station!>Diamond City!>Steal Mayors Key>Kellog House>Get Dogmeat>Hardware Town!>Fairline Hills-Ammo 41 minutes
!=For XP. 21 reroutes

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