Advice for a new runner?
3 years ago
Oklahoma, USA

Hello fellow Golfers!

I am an avid Everybody’s Golf player, and am looking into transitioning to speedrunning the game regularly. Are there any general tips you’d be willing to share to save time in runs? Anything that may not be obvious, like edits to my player character, custom club settings, etc.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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Hey V,

Welcome! I assume you are playing on a PS4, but if you are on a PS5 most of these will still apply. You'll just be alone in the rankings until others join in. There are a few things that you can do that may not be obvious, but I'll go through most things to be somewhat thorough:


  • I have not tested all the different swing types, but from what I can tell they are purely aesthetic. I know some of the other runners use the one that has the short backswing, but I personally use the first one they give you and don't seem to have too much trouble
  • make sure that all of your club stats are maxed (or almost), because if you are in the middle of a great/fast run and you get a bump to your power rating, you'll have to wait through the 3-5 seconds of upgrade graphics
  • the best custom club that I have been able to get is 25 Power and 2 Control (27 out of a possible 33); you will want power more than anything else because it shortens the courses (especially Imperial Gardens, which is a fairly long course). And less swings generally means less time
  • you can use any type of ball for the run, so I would suggest picking one that makes it a bit easier on yourself (whether that is grass cutter, sand viper, or triple impact). I like grass cutter because I tend to end up in the rough more than a trap (and a perfect impact doesn't fix all that), but it's a personal choice for how you play and what you think works best. Do note that Triple Impact balls are the rarest to find (I farm them by fishing, but that takes a while)
  • I'm told an SSD is the superior way to run any game, but I have not upgraded my PS4, so I can't vouch for it


  • obviously, the faster you can mash the X after an impact, the better; you don't need to watch it if you're trying to go fast
  • this goes for putting as well, where it saves literal milliseconds if you hit the impact in the red when putting and I've never seen a putt veer off course because I hit the red impact. But again, it's only a very marginal time save
  • at the start of every hole, you can move before the first input 'reads' so you can better place yourself without it actually taking any time
  • in general, you don't want to get a chip-in from the edge of the green because it includes an animation after that is about as long (if not longer) as simply doing a second shot. Some folks (like Sparky) putts from just off the green pretty well, which does not count as a chip-in but still gets you out of the hole fast
  • unless you think you can get a genuine time save by cutting the course (hole 12 on Alpina, for example, which is the easiest Condor in the game), I would suggest against it. It is almost always faster to simply take the placement (or close to it) that the game gives you as opposed to stopping and moving the cursor to the perfect place that will get you closer to the pin. It won't matter that you hit it far if you go OB or in water because you'll be hitting that shot again. Of course, if you make it, then it can be a help
  • same as above, unless the green includes a hard slope, you should take pretty close to where the game starts you. It's a calculated risk about how much time you tinker with setting the swing and getting it in the hole. For example, on a 20 foot putt, if it takes you 1 seconds to set the swing, 2 seconds to swing, and 2 seconds for it to get to the 2 feet from the hole (which you can get in the hole in another 3-4 seconds) as opposed to taking 5 seconds to set the swing, 2 second swing, 2 seconds for it to actually get in the hole, then it can be worth it, but then you better be sure you get it because if you miss after setting the swing for 5 seconds, then you'll have added a bit by comparison (though, I don't know anyone who takes that much time would think they are going to miss, but it happens)
  • for putting, it takes time to master, but you can generally over-hit the power and still have it go in the cup. It's better to go a bit too far that wonder if you'll end up short (of course, with the caveat that you don't hit miles past)

Hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

All the best, Willis

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Oklahoma, USA

Thank you for the thorough reply Willis! This is almost a guide itself!