Adding New Categories for the DLC Courses?
3 years ago
Michigan, USA

Hello! Is there any way new full course categories for each of the DLC courses could be opened up? There are 5 total:

1: Green C.C. 2: Balata C.C. 3: Nam Rong Bay C.C. 4: Pine Hills G.C. 5: Akigase Keikoku C.C.

It doesn't seem like there are a lot of runners, but I love any reason I can get to keep playing the game and improving. So adding DLC categories would be great!

(P.S.: The last non-DLC course is called Imperial Garden, not Imperial Valley as it's listed in the categories. Not a big deal at all but figured I'd put that out there.)

Edited by the author 3 years ago
United States

Sure, I can add them sometime soon. And thanks for the note about Imperial Garden. I made that change.