Category Split?
1 year ago
Arizona, USA

I'm thinking we might need to split the Any% (and maybe 100%) category into Any% and Any% Glitchless, seeing as a glitch was discovered to trick the game into thinking you're playing a different level than you actually are, allowing you to play a shorter level than the longer one the game actually thinks you're playing. I don't know when I'll do this, probably soon, but if anyone has any problems or thoughts with this decision, let me know, I'll try to check back here before I actually do it. For now I'm just verifying runs that use this glitch

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Any/All, He/Him
1 year ago

I do agree on the fact that Any% should be split -- many people such as Listochik, chumpatrol1 and I already know about it but have not used it because it's well... it's incredibly easy and doesn't require that much skill other than IL1 proficiency and independent mouse movement and keyboard presses. I did it to send a message that the leaderboard needs a revamp - however the next time there is almost a month of inactivity, please leave a message about it or even add another mod who is active to take care of the leaderboard. Grumpy hasn't been online for a legitimate 7 years and Crow hasn't verified any runs in forever-

Mini-rant aside, my conclusion is to yes, split the categories.

But as a site note, it should probably be common sense to make the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection version of Adventure Story it's own leaderboard due to it's vastly improved state (e.g. more equips, bugs such as the one I used for the Any% record have been fixed, spells having more effects).

There was also a new bug discovered for ILs but that may become a hassle to differentiate the glitchless and glitched runs for ILs.

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Connecticut, USA

Hi there! I just picked speedrunning back up and I definitely agree on these points. Would love for a leaderboard split - not only for Adventure Story Web's Full Game categories but also with the new entry Adventure Story Collection.

These new full game runs are fine for Any% but I'd love for there to be a separate category for "classic" style speedruns where minor glitches like Magic Jumping are allowed but using Bat County glitch isn't

Discussing the Collection, in addition to having Bat County Glitch removed, I'd also like to note that magic jumping was removed causing a lot of levels to play out very differently between the two versions. Don't forget as well that Collection has way more and way different content... including two new difficulty modes (Zero and Extreme).

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