Magic Jumping!
2 years ago
Connecticut, USA

Magic Jumping was recently documented on the EBF discord by Listochik... There is definitely a lot of time save shenanigans to be done using it. I actually imagine that it would be most useful for the longer/ more difficult levels

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Any/All, He/Him
2 years ago

I'm going to test this, though I can't submit runs anymore since picture proof is no longer accepted due to timer glitches being found and it being quite hard to time runs where the game slows down due to lag but the timer wont, I can find out new fastest times, I believe that it's possible to skip a few of the jumps at the end of L15 with this, bringing to time down from

I wonder if you can skip some of the needed slowdowns in L9?

Connecticut, USA

Overall, I think Magic Jumping is a great strategy for several levels... what's your opinion on the various spells to magic jump? I overall prefer ice, though using fire is fine sometimes.

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