Overhaul of Adventure Story Leaderboard
1 year ago
Ohio, USA

Various changes to Adventure Story in the past year - in particular, the finding of a game breaking glitch on the stage selection screen, and the release of the Collection version of the game with additional content and a couple bug fixes - has warranted some reorganization of the leaderboard. I have now done this; changes are summarized below.

READ THIS: Any run submissions played on Collection should indicate the 'PC' platform, and any runs played on the original flash version should indicate the 'Web' plaform. <<

Changes to the boards:

  • Major Skip Glitches category added
  • All Medals category removed
  • NG+ moved to 'misc'
  • ILs added for the Bonus levels and Extreme Boss Rush.
  • All current runs set to 'Web' platform. Any runs played on Collection should indicate the 'PC' platform, and each category should list each player's best 'Web' and 'PC' times. (Let me know if I missed any runs.)
  • Rules edited and clarified as needed to reflect the changes above, the existence of the Collection 'PC' version, and to more clearly explain what I understand the rules to be.
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