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This Sunday, 11/22/15, at 3 PM CST. Tell your friends! All the enemies and items are random, so it might be really easy, or it might be crazy hard!


What to do if a randomizer rom has something softlock-y (sprites blocking doors is the biggest culprit):

Have the following items prepared before you start:
1.) Have a clean, vanilla version of Earthbound ready.
2.) Know where your save states are located, and have that folder open and ready.
3.) Have your keyboard within arm's reach. 😃

What to do when you're stuck:
1.) Make a save state just outside of the area you need to get past.
(If you're blocked in the Happy Happy cultist house, step outside the house and make your save state. If you're blocked in the monkey cave, step one room back, and make your save state.)
2.) Make a copy of the save state file.
3.) Rename the copy to be EXACTLY the name of your vanilla earthbound rom. (EarthBound-Fart-Field - Copy.001 becomes EarthBound.001)
4.) Load your vanilla EarthBound rom.
5.) Load the copied & renamed savestate. (If the name is exactly the same, it should work.)
6.) Move past the trouble spot.
7.) Once you're past the trouble spot, make a save state.
8.) Make a copy of that save state.
9.) Rename the copy to be EXACTLY the name of the randomized earthbound rom. (EarthBound - Copy.002 becomes EarthBound-Fart-Field.002).
10.) Load the randomized rom.
11.) Load the renamed save state.
12.) Proceed as normal!