v47 Mountainhome% stat and the meta
v47 Mountainhome% stat and the meta
Updated 1 year ago by RattleSalad
  • Create world World Size > Small History > Short Number of Civilizations > Very low Number of Beasts > Very low Natural Savagery > Very low Mineral Occurrence > Everywhere
  • Embark on non-aquifer
  • Keep dwarfs from stress while speedrunning the industry
  • Keep up until the Mountainhome

!!gremlin abuse!! World Size > Pocket History > Very Short Number of Civilizations > Don't care Number of Beasts > Don't care Natural Savagery > Don't care Mineral Occurrence > Everywhere

  • Embark 1x1 on river
  • Journey Preparation: 30 turkey hens, 250 logs, 7 picks, 60 drinks, and an anvil
  • Prepare water source, animal quantum stockpile, metal bars, 200 wood cages, Siege traps, 15000 Architecture, breach 3 caverns, and secure it with cage traps
  • Make a Tavern zone around the fortification and the other one away from it and set it to Civilians only
  • Make the Fortification surrounded with cage traps while the top of the fortification is a reusable cave-in
  • Retire the fort
  • Start Adventure mode as Human Outsider Background > Home >The fort you just retire Skills > Don't care Appearance > Don't care Personality > Don't care Equipment > Don't care Mounts and pets > 200 gremlins
  • Start the game
  • Retire
  • Start Fort mode, Unretire!
  • Make burrow to keep dwarfs away from cage trap Tavern
  • gremlins will crowd the cage trap Tavern
  • Start the cave-ins
  • gremlins secured
  • by the time gremlins will go insane [1/4 chance the berserk means population loss while Catatonic, Melancholy, and Stark raving mad is not]
  • eventually, the Mountainhome is aquired! (eventually)
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