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2 months ago
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  1. Am I allowed to reclaim an ai fort rather that use a fresh embark?

  2. Am I allowed to abandon and reclaim my own fort? (This would allow starting with extra supplies)

  3. Am I alowed to retire and unretire my fort to make 2 weeks pass?

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well it doesn't go against the rules currently, but it would certainly be a much different experience. what are others thoughts on using abandoning/reclaiming/retiring?

Would that not go against the "stock game" type requirements, or would it be treated similar to the embark profiles currently?

Edit: Had not looked at the updated rules wording this is a tough one, but I sure don't like it being an option

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Here are my thoughts on each of those:

  1. I'm not sure of the advantages, but I would say no
  2. Maybe if you also timed the previous fort, but otherwise I would say no.
  3. Not sure of the advantage of that TBH
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Illinois, USA

My own thoughts is that most of it comes down to "do whats in the rules until it forces a rule change"

  1. Since AI Forts are generated during Non-timed play I would say no to this outright, most AI fortresses are labyrinth nightmares but you save time from pre-exploration of layers, but might be negligible due to fps loss.

  2. You would have to time both forts so the benefit here would probably be none but maybe you can show something that would warrant a rules change?

  3. same situation here , i think the only application might be to get yourself to a position where you trigger certain events and then skip forward in time to the season transition by saving and loading multiple times. another situation where its probably allowed until it becomes a problem and forces a rule change.

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