v50 Mountainhome% speedrun recipe
v50 Mountainhome% speedrun recipe
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Speedrun strat miner | Weapon smith | 3 crossbows miner | Weapon smith | 11 picks miner | Metal crafter | 1 battle axes miner | Metal crafter | no step ladder and wheel barrow miner | Wood craft | turkey hens miner | Wood craft | nest box woodcutter | Fisherdwarf

Embark on woodland brook with 1x4 size (bigger size is better chance for HFS).

Strike the earth while building food industry.

start goblet or bolt industry for trade.

find the HFS and engrave diagonal fortification to reveal more HFS.

find 7 artifacts from HFS.

every king's room 5x5 with 3-4 diamond windows for every room.

extract blue metal in craftsdwarfs then smelt in smelter into bars and make the throne out of it.

place the throne on kings room.

leave them cook and serve.


Catch Gremlin and make them into mayor.

Fulfill mandates.

Don't Fulfill mandates and make jail for every last criminals.

Conquer Elves, Humans, Goblins, Tower.

Steal every artifact slabs for collection.

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