New Category and Individual Level
4 years ago
ParĂ¡, Brazil

Adds Cheat% which is more fun

Add individual level Detail: The individual level would start in the menu in the selection of levels and not through the "one player" which is the right one. And also poses difficulties as variables.

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I'm in favour to Individual levels, since the game finally has at least 3 runners.

I think it's great to start on "Level Select" in Menu instead of load or new game. It also adds a challenge to complete the levels without weapons and jetpack So it would be a total different run than the levels in new game

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Instead of any cheats I was thinking on having like a category "Inifinite JetPack %" or something =) It would be a lot of fun

But I still think Cheats would be too spoiled in a game that doesn't have more than 3 runners....

The problem with too many categories is that it disencourages new runners to try the main categories.

Let's see what everyone thinks about it

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Honestly, I wouldn't care about cheats% myself, don't think I'd find it fun. Individual level stuff could be fun, and might eventually get more people onboard, too, since they don't have to go through the whole game in one sitting. Doing it from the menu seems like a better choice to me, too, to make it different from the whole game runs.

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Ok, I will set the individual levels category


ACTIVATE THE LEVEL SELECT: While paused press Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up. The Level Select will be available in Main Menu.

  • Time Starts when player Select the Level

  • Time Ends when the In-Game time is shown on screen

Important things to mention is leaderboard will have both times RGT and IGT.

But the Real Time will be the verifiable time for the leaderboard since the challenge stages don't have a In game time and the Ingame time doesn't count tenths of a second/centiseconds

Wouldn't it be better to start the timer right as the level loads and end it on last input? You know, to keep it consistent with the full game runs where we wait until the first level loads. And the end with the last input would be the same as we do with Moloch - you split right as you kill him. It shouldn't cause problems since all the levels either end in a way where you have enough time to split as you're ending it.

Also I would change the cheat description in the rules to say: While paused press 9x Down, then 1x Up. The Level Select will be available in Main Menu (labeled 'Time to Kill') and scrolls with left/right.

I remember it took me a while to figure out you could scroll the level select thing with left/right on the D-Pad. :D


I agree with you about rules description and the time starting when level starts.

I only have a problem with when the time finishes and I will try my best to explain the reason:

The bosses and the portals have ending animations. But most stages don't.

For the player it's easy to feel his last input when he loses control of duke. But for anyone watching the video it isn't as precise.

I'm not saying anybody would have a problem with this for the time being. But since is a definitive rule system, we gotta be prepared for when more runners come in future and having a simple and the easiest way of timing is the way to go :)

I had problems with others games I moderate that have tons of runners now when creating the rules without a proper and easy way to finish time, It became hard for runners and mods, each one ends his time in a different second.

With the time ending when the level complete screen appears it will be a standard easy way for everyone to end the time.

As for keeping level times consistent with full runs I think it wouldn't be a problem. It's a complete different category. We won't have any weapons or jetpack to start with. So the times will be completely different from full runs. (except for first level and challenge ones)

At the end of the day, each player splits his own time differently in full game.

For individual levels it's easier to have a way to finish time where everyone can perceive a specific frame.

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Let me know if you agree :)

Yeah, we can do it that way, too.

Which brings us to one last thing though: what about the first level being played in a full run? It wouldn't make sense to go for a good Time to Kill by itself, since you obviously want to do the whole game if you get a really good beginning. Though there might be a problem with how the splits are done since like you said, everyone splits differently in the full game runs.

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I think that anyone will take huge risks when going to a single level speedrun that wouldn't do in a one sit run. So I thought like, any single level time will be different (better) than the full run... But, about the first one, I see what you mean...

I think the only way to handle it is like this:

if player starts a full run and have a really really good time on first level, that he wants to use it in the level category, he can use the fragment of that video, the time of that particular level can be considered (despite of livesplit time shown on screen) It wouldn't be a problem for me at least. If the runner wants to make the video more clean, he could do a simple quick edit, just to put another time on the bottom or something... But again it wouldn't be needed, I can consider the correct time on first level in any way that is possible.

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