Meme Category Proposal - No Yippie %
11 months ago
California, USA

Shoutout to metalhead_angler, this meme category was originally his brainchild

Rules: Beat the game using 1-chains only. The "yippie" voice line plays when you score a 2-chain or higher. No yippie = never trigger that voice line.

If you accidentally make a 2+ chain, you must top out and restart the level. If you accidentally make a lethal 2+ chain and the opponent dies before you can top yourself out, run is invalidated and you must start over.

Assumption is that this would be played on Easy difficulty since doing this on a harder difficulty seems impractical/potentially impossible.

Highlight of first known completion below. Time could easily be improved by not being sick and having to take pauses to blow my nose, and in general over the course of the run I felt myself getting more comfortable and generally faster at the 1-chain patterns I was using.

Game stats
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