Where's the GameGear version?
4 years ago
United States

That's a thing, and even though it's a port, it does have enough differences to be its own thing. (for example, 1 difficulty, plus it has puzzle mode, which can be its own category) Plus, it's on the PS2 collection disc, so it's not too hard to get in multiple ways.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello! I am a speedrunner who owns Mean Bean (Game Gear) on both the Xbox collection and the 3DS Virtual Console. I personally prefer the Game Gear variant of the game, and wanted to see it get a category or board, so I did a few runs and got my pb so far uploaded to youtube. (It's slightly low quality, because external recording of a 3DS), but here it is

If a leaderboard or category gets made for the game I may do more runs to get the time lower, and I may do a Puzzle Mode run.

Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm not sure if [user deleted] actually ended up asking about this before being deleted, so I'm just going to ask again if a board or category for the Game Gear version of the game can be created (Scenario Mode and Puzzle Mode)

United States

I would love to do speed runs of the Game Gear port. I love both versions equally.

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Puerto Rico

Hello! I have sent a request to get a separate leaderboard for the Game Gear version of the game. I'll let you all know when I receive an answer of if the game request gets accepted or rejected.

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3 years ago

Hello! We have currently made a board for Mean Bean on Game Gear and it's over here! https://www.speedrun.com/drmbm8bit

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3 years ago


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