Possible Switch version 2D/3D switching exploit
4 years ago

I'd like to point out a possible way of exploiting one of the switch version's features, namely the 2D/3D switching.

Basically, this allows you to switch between modes, by taking your current exp, items, gold, and casino tokens, and transferring those to any of the other mode's checkpoints prior to the current one. It's basically a New Game Plus that doesn't require the game to be finished.

So for instance, one could play the game until the final dungeon is available, get the Nebula Sword, Evac, save, switch back and forth between modes and restart at the final dungeon checkpoint. This would effectively reset the treasure chests that were taken, and would allow to dupe the Nebula Sword. Do that 6 more times, and you've got an overpowered party of Eleven, Erik, Silv, and [Mystery 8th party member] dual-wielding "Disk 1 infinity minus" swords (with Eleven still rocking the Sword of Light).

I'm sure other creative uses of this duping method could be found to further break runs.

Now would that be allowed, or should the rules be amended to state that mode switching is forbidden? On one hand, this is not the way it's intended to be played, but on the other hand, you're using an in-game mechanic that's readily available to achieve this, which is in line with what any% is all about from a general standpoint. I'd personally be fine with the verdict on this either way.

Just thought I'd put that out there before someone tries that out in an actual run.

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Missouri, USA

Doesn't work, unfortunately. Special weapon chests like the Stardust Sword don't reset when you use the 2D/3D Modeswap. You also lose your Swords of Light if you go to a point you wouldn't have gotten them in the story yet.

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