Requests for a rule change for the timing method for PC any%
3 years ago
Virginia, USA

Currently been working on getting an autosplitter/load remover for the PC port of the definitive edition of DQ11. Everything so far has worked perfectly with the exception of the Mordegon + Tail split (end of any%) with the end of timing being at the end of the textbox and jingle that plays when the fight ends, it is almost impossible to consistently autosplit at that moment.

Basically, Im requesting that the end of timing be changed to the final hit of the boss rather than at the end of the textbox, since we can easily set a pointer to split when both the body and tail are at 0 HP.

Id also like to formally request to have the PC port timed without loads using the autosplitter script we have made to promote fairness across the leaderboards and not allowing those with more beefy rigs have better times solely off of better loads.

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im ok with thats but 2 collumn is good idea like for ff9 for example

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