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United States

Probably best to have the thread designed for newer players to quickly find resources not be used for people to discuss more advanced strategies. Keep in mind that this thread should be biased towards any% as its the more competitive category and there is already a thread for hundo. Enjoy!

United States

Recently decided to pick this game up again, and did a run that got 2 slimes in a third forewood split, which came directly after the platypanzer fight. The time that it took to complete the ammo select and forewood was 3:07 for 2 slimes and an oaken club(room reset). I then skipped the reward slime in the optional TT battle, and the slime that requires you to go through the ropes in krakatroda.

pros: you dont have to remove items from your ammo until krakatroda (probably?), oaken club for TT battles cons: no sword for TT completion, tightens chimaera wing count by a large amount (had enough for 5 shurikens only)

Overall I would need to test this route while not really rusty to see how much time it actually saves/loses to the current route.

Dolnośląskie, Poland

I use that strategy and i get 6 shurkiens evry run. So the only sad part is not having a sowrd from TT .

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