New Glitch
California, USA

Referring to this as "Gooply Skip" after the person who showed it to the community, this skips the Slival tank fight, which saves probably around a minute to two minutes (you have to find another slime elsewhere however).

United States

incredible find. have people tried that same glitch on walls of the same type? it doesnt make sense for it to apply to that location only.

South Holland, Netherlands

The game is this glitchy? Darn.

California, USA

It actually isn't, this is the first known glitch beyond the little 5 second one in the first mini-game.

It seems to be an anomaly, where that spot holds a loading zone to the screen above it, which causes you to zip through a wall and into the screen north of it.

South Holland, Netherlands

You can actually use the glitch anywhere on that fence as long as you are the correct distance above it.

South Holland, Netherlands

Has there been any other situations this is deemed possible?


WHAAAAAAAAT, time to re-route everything! but will alchiming pot work without Fanpa?! (yes it wroks) unfortunatly, skipping slival missing broadsword, reward for beating him I so hyped, i will test it rn!

there is not much slimes left to replace Flanpa, the only reasonable options being:

  1. tank battle in Tootinschleiman's tomb, which takes about 2 mins, but gives a broadsword early on.
  2. And annoying one, to the left of the gates at Mt. Katatata. Slime do not give anything usefull, but this route gives more magical wings, which are needed to craft shurikens. boviously 2 plan is better, so I tested it ** i forgot to collect small white slime right before the 1st slival fight**

glitch is fast, faster by about 3:20

Does this glitch devide category into: glitch and glitchless?

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Tyamegane (megane30001) knew this glitch existed from 2017. my mind is blown I wish I knew japansese. clip of Megane showing it (if time stamp dont work, it is on 11 minute and 6 second mark)

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