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California, USA

-Not submitted to the leaderboards because I have not talked with the runner about doing so yet. But I am posting this here in case anyone would like to view it for learning purposes.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

whoa that's a decent time, I'll have to watch it another day but any strats to take note of?

United States

yah, play on not english cart

Texas, USA

How much time does JP or PAL save? Is the text really that big of a difference?

California, USA

No idea if text saves time in JP over US. Never seemed to make much difference when I ran it.

He does a few optimizations like winding up his elasto blast after hitting objects before they land on his head rather than wait to chuck em.

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Dolnośląskie, Poland

Some battles looks different in jap version of the game . I noticed that one of the knight fight in claw location have 3 imps instead of 2 imps and 1 robot

California, USA

Never posted this before as I only found the full thing recently, but megane also has a recording of a 100 slime run done much faster than existing times. This is the YT playlist for it.

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