beat level 17 (new category)
1 year ago

I would like to propose creating a new category called "Beat level 17 (mode A)" and these are my reasons:

This game has 5 types enemies (2 of them are upgraded versions of others) but the game doesn't show them from the beginning it actually starts with only 2, here is a list of how they enemies appear: Buzzbee & Creepy (worm/snake) appear from the beginning. Beespy/Queen Buzzbee (counter explodes) appear after round 3 Green Attacker (horizontal attacks) appear after round 6 Red Attacker replaces the Green Attacker in round 12 Fire Butterfly replaces the Buzzbees in round 15

In short words, the last enemies that the game adds happens in the °6 loop and after that nothing new appears, for this I think that's a good point to consider it as you defeated the game.


No problem to create a new category but there has to be enough interest from the community, so like my comment if You want one. The game is not very popular, I personally advise against it.

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I think it's interesting

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But someone would have to route it out first

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