Ladder Glitch
3 years ago
Calgary, AB, Canada

Hey, just wondering if it is known why the ladder glitch is able to happen? If you could enlighten me, that would be awesome!

United States

I don't the specifics of why it works but I can tell you how to do it if you want.

Calgary, AB, Canada

Thank you, but I know how to do it, I was just wondering why it worked! (So that I could apply that knowledge, and maybe figure out a way to execute it in the Arcade version)

San Francisco, CA, USA

i would like to know how to do it as well is there a specific pixel i have to stand on or wait for a specific sound i been trying to perfect the trick

i done it before but it's never 100% accurate for me so still trying to perfect it.

thanks. Mike

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United States

There is a vertical line that basically is only a pixel long that you must be at to then tap down and go down the ladder, it is located around halfway through the ladder, so when the front of Mario/Jump man is halfway through the ladder just tap down.

United States

I would refer you to the guide section located under the leaderboard then watch CaptainSpeedruns Game A loop tutorial video.