Questions about NMG NG+ and Patched glitches?
2 years ago
New York City, NY, USA

Hello! I’m somewhat new to speedruning in general and decided make an attempt for my first run on NG+ Being a big fan of this game and the Devil May Cry franchise.

New York City, NY, USA

Can the run have Faust allowed without any limit?

I won’t use the same hat trick over I promise ;)

Another thing is that in the future I do a glitched speedrun, but the problem is that I have my saved data in the patched console version of the game with Vergil. It’s a downloaded copy on Xbox one.

So for me to do a run with glitches. Would I have to get a disc copy with a new save on another account? I hope someone could help out. It sucks that they were patched right when the Vergil hype brought me back :(


There's not many efficient glitches in the game anyway. Look at the boards there are some topics that have info about "glitch skips" and how the community is not opposed to NMG or using the three OOB glitches currently in the game