Announcement: DMC5SE confirmed + future of leaderboards
3 years ago
Delaware, USA

So DMC5SE was confirmed for next-gen consoles (PS5 and XBSX).

TLDR it has Vergil, Legendary Dark Knight mode, and Turbo. Also includes all DLC.

This is what's going happen with the DMC5 leaderboards:

-There will be Vergil-related categories added to this board, since Vergil will be coming to this release as DLC.

-DMC5:SE will be a separate leaderboard (here is the placeholder): We will probably do the same protocol as before with DMC5 where the boards are locked for a couple weeks after release too.

Important to note: since DMC5:SE will have the DLC weapons + breakers included in it (+ other DLC) for free, it is extremely likely we will allow all of these in the runs for SE. DMC5:SE will be a functionally different release + run, and that is why the boards will be split (similar to DMC4 and DMC4:SE).

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