"No Major Glitches" category now live
3 years ago
Delaware, USA

No Major Glitches categories have been added under the "NG NMG" and "NG+ NMG" tabs. "NG+ NMG" does encompass both standard and faustless ng+ categories.

NMG removes the following glitches/skips/techniques:

  • Skips involving V's Skewer move (M4, M5, M7, M9)
  • M3 University Skip
  • Skips involving Dante's Ground Trick move on unpatched Console copies (M11, M12, M13, M16)

Figured I would give the vanilla DMC5 folks something to play around with until Vergil gets here, enjoy!

Delaware, USA

NMG tabs are now gone, and all runs under them consolidated into the respective glitched boards, due to a lack of activity in general as well as over the last year and a half. Very few runs were done of this category and it did not accomplish what we wanted it to do, which was be more friendly to new runners looking to get into the game. Most of the runners were not new runners either. In the future, I'll be making a comprehensive tutorial that will cover both Glitched and NMG routes. Hopefully this will encourage more people to pick DMC5 Vanilla and DMC5SE. Have a great day.

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