Flying Donkey Glitch
Flying Donkey Glitch
Updated 5 years ago by BootlegPickle

Hello friends, in 4-1 there appears to be a glitch where the Kongs can run on air.

Here is my encounter of the glitch. After getting hit by the Kremling with Diddy, it switches to Donkey and he can now fly. ?

Here is EnchantressofNumbers encountering the glitch, note that in this video, no damage was taken, Diddy just starts flying.

Right now we don't know how it works but I have some suspicions about the platform to the left. A similar glitch is observed in the Aladdin bootleg made by the same company, as engines are often reworked in bootlegs, this may have something to do with it.

Update: Thanks to EoN for resparking my interest, I made a lot of headway on replicating the glitch, doing so several times.

Getting it and jumping down a pit!

Getting the glitch and testing its limits/

Getting the glitch as Donkey again

as far as I can tell, it relates to killing the Kremling at the right moment/place in relation to the platform that goes up and down. Unfortunately, I do not have a setup, but it is replicable if you at least try to mimic my movements.

Here are some of the other videos, SR only embeds a certain amount of videos per guide, these were the first few replications of the night and they went awry, but are still demonstrations of the glitch.

Getting it again (then dying)

Getting it again and not dying immediately

Getting the glitch (but dying)

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