Issues with game designation: Fangame, Title.
6 years ago

Hello, I was wondering why this game was listed as a fan game as it isn't. It was developed by Hummer Team and published by JY Company. It had an official release. It was not a legitimate release but it isn't just some fan ROM or something. You wouldn't call a Luis Vitton bag a fanbag of Louis Vuitton.

The title of the game is also erroneous, it should be Donkey Kong 4 or Donkey Kong 4 Country, the country designation was only on a later release and the title was originally Donkey Kong 4 only as evidenced by its original carts:

and only the third release has country in it, below the title:

the Chinese name is 大金剛4, Dà jīngāng 4 which translates to King Kong 4, 大金剛 being the Chinese localisation for Donkey Kong.

Further evidence: dual boot screen on GameGlitchGuy's run:

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