Wrong Warp to world 7
8 years ago
Indiana, USA

I was wondering if anyone could go into a little more detail on how to do the wrong warp to world 7. I'm having trouble getting it to work. Also, if such a thing exists, why isn't it used in runs? is it because its too frame perfect for a human or something?

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you aren't pressing Y enough

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Indiana, USA

kk, is the trick frame perfect? because if it isn't I'm curious as to why no one has used it in an any% run.

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Quantum subpixel Perfect, only IBM Quantum Computing has been able to achieve this.

Indiana, USA

lols, kk. Guess I'll give it up for now XD Thanks. I was figuring it was something like that, just wanted to be sure.

I'm sorry to write that, but this wrong warp is simply fake! Pay attention to the gif. Where's Dixie after the warp? What happened to the banana count? It's extremely unlikely that both are side effects...

More evidence: when Diddy throws the null sprite in the gif, the camera is scrolled to the left, in such a way that the "exit sprite" doesn't appear (isn't loaded). Therefore, no effect can be applied.

Anyway, I tried a lot to made the tech correctly, but only 5 useless bytes changed every time. http://i.imgur.com/wCrFNPD.png (slot 8, starting address $10D2) The new values seem to depend only on the direction I threw, and if it's to the side, up or down. Maybe, more possibilities are possible, I don't know (I'm only getting into DKC2).

But even changing all the bytes to random values, I could only make the bonus transition appear and then level 2 load, even though the "current level" address remains the same. Completing the next level will crash the game.

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Indiana, USA

thx Amaraticando, makes perfect sense now. I did think it was a little odd, but I was holding out hope it was real XD Also, I'm guessing from the pic you got the lua script for lsnes done? looks awesome. I'm really digging the hitboxes :D


Which rom can this warp be used with? USA ver or JP ver? Ver1.0 or Ver1.1? If emulator is used, can anyone give me state save?

@megam1: this warp is fake.

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@Amaraticando what if you wrong warp out of 1-2?