Starting my Journey - Looking for Help
2 years ago
United States

Hi everyone!

I have been a long time lurker to speed running the dkc trilogy and i have always wanted to try it myself.

I have tried doing youtube guides but I have heard this is a great community, and being able to get help from others would be amazing.

Looking to start my journey to start speed running starting with my favorite game dkc2, looking for any and all help :)

Happy to officially make the first step and join this community

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United States

Welcome! I would recommend joining the dkc discord if you haven't already. I'd also recommend checking out for tutorials and stuff too. I think the link to the discord is on that site and probably on this site as well.

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United States

I joined the discord but it says I don't have permission to chat. No forum on the main site either. I have tried tutorials, but am looking for people to just talk to about how to get started


Getting speaking permissions is easy, let me just say that ;)

The tutorials on as well as the tutorial from antilles58 for DKC2 was all I need to get started, it does take a lot of practice on your end though

On the Discord make sure to read #welcome and then fill in your roles in #role-assign and you should be able to get started on the Discord :)

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