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If I were to use an emulator to run Any%, would it fall into SNES category or VC category. Also, what is the best/most popular SNES emulator to use?

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I practice on Snes9x, but Bizhawk is the best one out there by far. Better emulation, less lag, more accurate engine. I have both, but I mostly use snes9x since I'm used to it.


Of course, if you play in emulator the ideal would be the SNES category. Snes9x I can guarantee that it will work 100% of the time, Bizhawk is a little more complete in many aspects, but at least I feel that it works worse in input lag issues compared to snes9x. In my experience of course, I recommend snes9x.

Now, SNES runs at 60,098 fps. Older versions of Snes9x, in my case my races run on snes9x 1.51, if I'm not wrong, ends up losing a bit of time. Newer versions like 1.62 are much more accurate. So I recommend you to use the most current versions.

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Bizhawk with bsnes core has less input lag but it's more demanding on your computer so it can get pretty laggy if you record + play on bizhawk. If your computer can handle it though I definitely recommend it! It will fall under regular snes with emu. VC implies it's run on an official nintendo emulator like wii/switch/snes mini which all have improved loading times compared to the snes.


If you go to the snes9x forum, you can get 1.6.23, which is even better. Less bugs. Here is the link:

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