No sound on my SFC

Could I run this game on my SFC without the sound because my cable is broken, but imma try to fix the sound issue later.

Also btw, my snes multi out cord is missing the 6 pin which is the ground pin.

this community may not need video proof except for the threshold and top 3 specified in the category.

this is because the video can prove that the time is legitimate.

in other words, idk what would happen without game audio, but it is better to have video proof as much as possible.

this is my personal opinion, but in that case i think there is a way to submit split time data as well.

(This time I need a moderator to respond) Will my runs be accepted without sound on my SFC, and it has no sound because my av multi cable is bad. (I will try to fix that in the meantime)

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(retired moderator here)

A video without audio is fine but if you start getting WRs we'll have to inquire for additional proof as audio is very crucial to detect splicing.