All Bananas?
1 year ago
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Just wondering if anyone had ever attempted an all bananas run, or if it was possible. I know there are a lot of hidden bunches, and some bonus areas would have to be done twice. Is there a list of all bananas somewhere?

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The closest thing would be the level maps on that show the level layouts with bananas.

There's no feasible way to track if you've collected every banana though and would be a nightmare to moderate so it'd never be a speedrun category.

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Want to chime in to say that there is a simple way to increase the Banana counter to go up to 999 (resetting to 0 at 1000 bananas). So a 999 banana count run could work. I haven't looked much further into it, but perhaps it also might be possible to make banana bunches count as 1 banana instead of 10, which allows for "more" bananas to be collected within a run. If there is any interest I could post a dkc-1.0 version with the simple 999 banana counter to []. Credit goes to (I believe) Mattrizzle on [].

EDIT: I only now realize that, even as a meme category, it would be restricted to emulator or flash carts if used in the way I described, so probably not feasible since some people might only have hardware.

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Please refrain of posting on old threads. Thank you.

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