Game Crashing
1 year ago
United Kingdom

Hey guys.

Haven't run this game in over 2 years and just got back into re-learning.

I have a specific crash that has happened 4 times in a row now and was wondering if you could possibly help.

Its after Rick fixes the lift and says "Our fearless leader? Fine let's move out"

Once the elevator goes down , the game just closes itself.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I'm running rebirth.

Thanks for your time👍

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United Kingdom

Quick update.

Was messing with some settings and checked the "Texture Filtering" box and it worked fine with no crashing.

Still rather confused though.

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Saskatchewan, Canada

I know I have heard from other runners they have had crashes in the same place, but not usually at that frequency. I as well have Texture Filtering checked and have never had the crash there, so that might be related perhaps? The best place to ask would probably be in the Dino Discord, and (hopefully) once we fix the issue we can update the thread with the fix.

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Hampshire, England

Are you picking up plugs at all up to this point? I found that if I took plugs, particularly the one behind the shelf by B1 generator and the brown crate at the large elevator outside it would crash around the same point as you.

United Kingdom

@Kaladere - Thank you for the advice sir!👌

@Farmery87 - No plugs picked up at all i'm afraid. If I encounter anymore crashes i'll let you guys know. But for now I guess the Texture Filtering has fixed the issue for now.

QUICK UPDATE - Must have been a fluke. Crashing again now on the elevator. No idea now.

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Richmond, VA, USA

Yeah im also having that same issues, tried doing the Texture filtering and that didn't work

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