New Rule Proposal (Distance from Screen)
5 years ago
Ontario, Canada

I have noticed a few runs on this leaderboard have the player sitting right at the screen.

I propose we institute a 6ft minimum distance from the screen (not including arm length)

I only propose this because sitting that close to the screen offers an unfair advantage and goes against the spirit of Duck Hunt which is a skill game focused on Speed and Accuracy.

All records should remain standing (I'm not a monster) but all new records should be at that distance (6ft) from rule institution onwards

Nova Scotia, Canada

This is a complicated topic and it’s come up numerous times. It’s debatable that being closer gives any advantage/ disadvantage, but there’s more factors than just that. What about the size of the tv and the brightness level on the screen? Then there’s the issue of proving that it’s actually 6 feet. Plus making a mandatory zapper cam with measurements definitely won’t look appealing to newcomers to the game. I really think the kill screen category should have these stricter rules in place since only a few people are crazy enough to go for it anyway. Perhaps if you’re going for a certain time (ex. Sub 2:55) it could be mandatory? At a time where emulator runs are still allowed on the main leaderboard, its just hard to set the rules straight and keep it fair for everyone at the same time

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Portland, OR, USA

Yup for all those reasons and more there's never been a distance rule even back in the oldest Twin Galaxies days. Also, it's a speedrun, not a "challenge." One other thing - Kill Screen is nigh impossible without a small TV and sitting close