Question for those who reached the Kill Screen
5 years ago
Ontario, Canada

This is not a question of strategy, but rather the journey.

How long/many attempts did it take you?

I've heard it is borderline soul shattering to finally reach, but I am determined to reach it (the highest level I've reached as of now is 63) but I am getting a tad discouraged.

Anyways have a good day and be excellent to eachother

Ontario, Canada

Also is Game C a viable Kill Screen Run? If so can I propose it for a new catagory at some point in the future?

Nova Scotia, Canada

To answer your question, I had played several zapper games at a high level for a little under a year before I got the kill screen. You're not wrong when you say it's extremely difficult but the soul shattering comes when you miss a duck in the 80's or 90's. I could make some fantastic story about my journey but I got it after grinding for 5 days or so with all my zapper experience. And for the second part, Game C loops after round 99 and I'm only aware of one person doing that with video evidence. GG on round 63, don't be discouraged

Nova Scotia, Canada

Here's Kyle Nelson's clay high score

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Ontario, Canada

I did not know that it loops, that's kind of a bummer

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