Eager edge nerf
1 year ago
New South Wales, Australia

Due to eager getting nerfed a lot of runs cant be beaten without new oobs or if new weapons break game any further.

Is there anyway to add new categories for post eager nerf similar to post worldline nerf categories

United States

99% of runs in the game currently are able to be beaten with the exception of a few which are not because of the Egar Edge so categories will not be split. If you want to share the ones you feel are not beatable I am curious. I also do not know if you are in the D2 Speedrunning Discord so I will also link that here to have more in-depth conversations quicker with the community and our staff https://discord.gg/RrNNc6u

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hunter shatter skating which is the main dominance of categories now is 100% unaffected by the nerf.

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United Kingdom

what no bitches does to a man

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what icecubes said

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New South Wales, Australia

god, what no grass does to a mf. Rtatards at their finest. "We only edit rules when it benefits us" cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe

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United States

It's nothing about benefiting "us" which I assume you're referring to the Moderation team. If you want to go more in-depth about what specific runs you feel need to be split I am more than happy to discuss this with you, as I stated above there are some runs that have been affected and have arguments for a split such as solo dungeons that involved hammers but the split would not be related to an egar nerf.

If and when you decide to discuss this topic with some actual detail I can help you out more but currently, there is no run that was affected to the degree of unbeatable because of the egar changes.

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I thought this was over the recent nerf until I saw the months ago, but still was hilarious af

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United States

i thought the same as F__Alsh

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