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8 years ago

I am unsure as to how many there are for Destiny but i have only noticed Zecora as the only person verifying runs. This has led to may runs not even being verified until days after they are submitted (e.g. the kings fall sumbission at 35:53 was verified almost 4 days after submission). Sometimes some runs can get forgotten about when in the verify process and thus not even get noticed until it has been beaten.

Maybe we can do one of either 2 things. We either:

  1. need a few more Verifiers that are online frequently and can be trusted, for example current WR holders, OR

  2. follow the same system as the HaloRuns system. For those unfamiliar with the system, they have people of whom physically verify runs for those beginning to use the website for the first time. However once a user has submitted, for example, 5 verified runs/times, any runs/times they submit in the future will be automatically verified as they are noted by the system as trusted runners.

I am suggesting these as currently it seems like the verification stage could be a little more of a smoother process as opposed to some runners waiting anywhere from hours to even days before their runs gets accepted. In the current speeds of things a run could get beat by two different people/groups but the latter group may not be aware that the first group already beat it several hours earlier.

Other verifiers could be (FOR EXAMPLE) Myself, Tryhard, Flesh, Creeper and Ringtext. Reason for this would be that all of us have previously submitted more than 5 runs of which have all been verified and thus we understand timing rules and run rules. Whether we can be trusted however also comes into the equation.

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I think a 3rd option is possible, actually. Its pretty simple to verify a run's legitimacy by simply viewing the end mission time of your game id on destiny tracker. If the submitted run matches the user's account, end time, and mission/event name as the game id supplied by the runner, then the run could possibly be auto-verified with no way of cheating.

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I have added you Phogoth as a moderator since you have posted enough runs without me having to fix them. And you have also been the most active runner in the community lately. I've been really busy lately with schoolwork so I could only accept a few runs at a time.

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hehe thanks man. I'll try my best.