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Maine, USA

Hello i've been working on a segmented speedrun of destiny for a couple months. And I'm asking for help from anyone who thinks they can beat these times. I will link the spreadsheet to the run so you guys can check it out.

Maine, USA

Just Broke SUB 1:20!!!! So Hyped right now


Very nice! Maybe you can teach me your secrets :P Here are my 360 times if you want to have a gander, there are a few where I'm really close to your time. (

Maine, USA

Nice times! there aren't many secrets with speed running this just trial and error and preference of what weapons you use.

I'm taking a break from speed running until the new DLC comes out since grinding out mission times for this game really sucks the fun out of the game. I will continue speed running after I finish all the new DLC missions.

Maine, USA

I have removed all of the DLC segmented runs from the sheet due to the fact that the time goes up every time new DLC comes out. This community has helped bring the time down to a 1:17:24 and absolutely destroyed my original estimated time of 1:20. My new estimate it 1:15 which is doable. Good luck to all of you out there.

Maine, USA

I am currently in the process of creating a segmented speed run video for the game and am only missing a few record videos. These are the only missions that don't have a record video The Warmind, The Sword of Crota, A Strangers Call, Ishtar Collective, The Archive, Exclusion Zone, The Buried City. Hope we can get these done quick so I can get this segmented run made and published. Good luck to everyone.


Class or item restrictions, or whatever works? Any other requirements for the runs?

Maine, USA

whatever works only follow the rules for the IL runs.

Maine, USA

Congrats to Ringtext for dropping the time down to almost sub 1:14 in the past few weeks. he has been dropping record time by over 30 seconds recently which has dropped my estimate to sub 1:12:30 which is doable with a lot of work. I will cut the segmented run videos once the monthly time update has reached and there's a video for all the record runs. Good luck to all the runners.

Maine, USA

The next time update will occur the day the taken king DLC comes out because the DLC could change the runs entirely. So lets try to grind out these mission times before the DLC comes out. Good luck everyone lets go for 1:05 time.

Maine, USA

I have just created the segmented CO-OP run and we have the time down to 1:06:46 which can be dropped. Sadly I don't think 1:05 solo is possible with currant route but that's alright.

Maine, USA

We have just ended year one of destiny and dropped the segmented time to 1:09:11 dropping 22:50 from the original segmented time witch is absolutely incredible. I would like to thank the amazing community for helping contribute there time and effort to get this run to where it is today. I would personally like to thank Ringtext and CreeperHnter for helping me through these past few months get through this insane grind of the game. I remember when there wasn't a community for this game when I started this project back in December and to see it grow to as big as it did makes me so happy. Hopefully year 2 will bring even more time save but we will just have to wait and see. There will be a destiny segmented speedrun video coming out within the next month or two so just be waiting for that. I love you all and hope you have great luck running this god of a game. Peace out.

Maine, USA

I have just added onto the segmented sheet segmented runs for The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken king. So far The Dark Below has a segmented time of 8:18. The House of Wolves has a segmented time of 14:50. and The Taken King has a segmented time of 1:11:36.

Here are my goals for all of the runs:

Full Game: sub 1:08:00 Main Missions: sub 38:30 Side Missions: sub 29:00 The Dark below: sub 8:00 House of Wolves: sub 14:00 The Taken King: sub 1:10:00

Good luck to all the runners. :)

Maine, USA

I never thought I would be able to say this but thanks to the recent surge of runners in out community we have destroyed a majority of my goals for the segmented runs.

The goal times of Full Game, Side Missions, House of Wolves, and The Taken King have been beaten.

Full Game: 1:07:36 Main Missions: 38:51 Side Missions: 28:39 The Dark Below: 8:10 House of Wolves: 13:11 The Taken King: 1:05:21

This would have never happened if we didn't have JukesAndStuff, Hazabow and xTHEFIZHx

Here are my new goals along with the ones that haven't been beaten yet.

Full Game: sub 1:07:00 Main Missions: sub 38:30 Side Missions: sub 28:00 The Dark Below: sub 8:00 House of Wolves: sub 13:00 The Taken King: sub 1:05:00

Good luck to all of you guys now we can do this. :)

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Maine, USA

With the new arrival of OGJxson the full game segmented run has been brought down to a 1:06:48!!

I think we can hit that sub 1:06 at the pace of these records being beaten.

Maine, USA

It has been done!!!! Destiny Full Game Segmented run in 1:05:56!!!

This is unbelievable almost a year ago we had decided that a 1:05 wasn't possible to get solo.

I would like to thank all of the runners that currently have segments in the full game run. Ringtext: One of the best IL runners of his time. RIP ScaRdrow: The man whose Last Array wr dropped the run under 1:06. Hazabow: An Amazing runner from the new generation Destiny runners. JukesAndStuff: One of the best runners of the new generation of Destiny runners. xTHEFIZHx: An incredible runner who has destroyed the SRL category runs. doesthisusernamfi: The man who snuck a time in right before ScaRdrow to get his name on the segmented run. OGJxson: The man who just showed up randomly and dropped the segmented run under 1:07

I hope that we can continue to keep dropping this time so lets start things out easy and have the estimate be: 1:05:30

Good luck to all the runners.

United States

Sub 1:05 happened Just saying

Wisconsin, USA

I never saw this, I love

OGJxson: The man who just showed up randomly and dropped the segmented run under 1:07

Never bothered reading this post before. Sub 1:05 by Fizh^^^^^

Honestly sub 1:03 is probably possible if all missions are optimized

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