2.0 difficulty change
8 years ago
Maine, USA

I feel like we need to address the fact that since the patch any story mission that was normal difficulty has been changed to easy difficulty. So from now on they will be counted as easy instead of normal until they get changed again.

New Jersey, USA

I think with how Hard difficulty is now all merged into the light levels difficulty. Maybe everyone should just run the light level variant of the mission instead of easy anyway. Maybe it's just me but IMO, it's not impressive to see a max level player running through a level 5 mission full of enemies that pose not the slightest threat to them.

Oregon, USA

^ I would sorta disagree with that. I understand that its always fun to be showy and play a challenge, but the whole purpose of speedrunning (at least to me) is to complete a task as fast as humanly possible using whatever means possible. Running any level higher than Easy means theres a heroic modifier and more enemies. The amount of spawned enemies that need to be killed can be absolutely critical for your times in many missions throughout destiny, so I think hard mode would literally make getting a pb/wr harder. IMO speedrunning isn't about being impressive, but completing a task the most efficient way possible.

Maine, USA

Where gonna be changing it up alot in the future but we need to talk about what would be the best changes for the site.

New Jersey, USA

Cleverusername if that's the case then they should be different categories rather than putting them all on the same leaderboard. With them all on the same leaderboard you're literally saying "Hey, if you aren't running the easiest difficulty then your time is already bad." It's like comparing a glitchless Pokemon run to one with glitches. Personally I don't like that anything is run on easy but that's just how I feel. Also, if possible I think it'd be best to also break that down even further to going by which class as well.

Maine, USA

I like that idea FleshCrunch so I have made a variable to where you can add what class you ran on.


If I may be able to point out, most notably the strikes can usually be completed faster on a harder difficulty (see Nightfalls) because of the burn damages. In those cases, you could say "If you're not running Nightfall, your time will already be slow.". The damage you do/receive also scales with your light level, so you won't be one-shotting everything on easy¤.

¤not counting some exotics and supers.


I personally think that a difficulty base should be in force for all runs with a seperate category for Easy and hard with strikes also having a nightfall category. Maybe consider running in a similar way to the HaloRuns community. What i mean by this is 2 categories for each mission or Strike, them being Solo or Full fireteam. These would then come with further sub categories or Easy or Hard (obviously strikes would have Very Hard for NFs and Raids would be unchanged)

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