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Recently I checked the categories for speedrunning, and most contained a 100% completion category. This is not true for Deltarune. I set up a LiveSplits speedrun file for Deltarune 100% category. If you want, I'll do a guide for the 100% category so that everyone knows exactly where you go.


this game doesn't have a 100% and therefore doesn't need a 100% category.


I think that it would've been wiser to talk about this idea on the discord server before. You should join it and we could discuss it. Also, I personally think that there is no need to have a 100% category as there is no completion percentage shown anywhere. You chose an arbitrary completion so that's not really fair.

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I get it. It makes sense that there isn't a 100% category because it doesn't matter how much of the game you complete or what ending you get.