Deltarune Nohboard Config

It has the usual keys, except right shift was replaced with left shift and right control was replaced with left control. (direct download)

By starsmileystarsmiley

KPS Tool

This tool (originally for Undertale) tracks your KPS (Keys per second). Originally developed by JadeNVanadium. (direct download)

By ShayyShayy


All Chapter 1 Save Files (Pre-Debug)

All the save files for Chapter 1 of Deltarune. (external link)

By Bvc666

Head Hathy Save File

A save file that is inside of the Head Hathy room. (direct download)

By SilverSilver

Jevil Practice File

The save file located outside Jevil (with Key completed/Healing items). (external link)

By Bvc666

NG+ JP save file (for TAS)

(this is for the TAS but feel free to use as well) For Linux, add the contents of this .zip file to /home/<username>/.config/DELTARUNE and the TAS should work (direct download)

By tendogtendog

NG+ Save File

For anyone wanting to do NG+ runs, this file allows you to start of on NG+ immediately. (external link)

By Bvc666


Any% Splits

Standard splits for any%. Feel free to modify for personal preference. (direct download)

By ShayyShayy