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Recently I checked the categories for speedrunning, and most contained a 100% completion category. This is not true for Deltarune. I set up a LiveSplits speedrun file for Deltarune 100% category. If you want, I'll do a guide for the 100% category so that everyone knows exactly where you go.


this game doesn't have a 100% and therefore doesn't need a 100% category.

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I think that it would've been wiser to talk about this idea on the discord server before. You should join it and we could discuss it. Also, I personally think that there is no need to have a 100% category as there is no completion percentage shown anywhere. You chose an arbitrary completion so that's not really fair.

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I get it. It makes sense that there isn't a 100% category because it doesn't matter how much of the game you complete or what ending you get.


There's no percentage counter in undertale either.
You could have the rules just get all the items complete the neutral and tpe routes and complete the jevil fight


I think all Items would make a perfect Misc. category. I'll just try to get a video in soon.

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There can't be any category extensions before the full game release


It's not going to be a category extension. It's intended to be a Misc. category!


I don't know if Deltarune will get the full game release anyway.


@OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium well in a post from Toby Fox a few months ago he confirms other chapters are coming.


can you not respond to months old threads

its been almost a year since the latest message, I dont think it matters anymore lol

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