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There is an item that you can get when you first fall into the Dark World (that appears randomly, I think) that allows you to skip text at blazing fast speeds. Is it not allowed to use this item?
Btw, it's called the Wrist Protector.


It's more than allowed. It's very allowed. Mega allowed. Very much allowed indeed.

(almost every single run uses it and you should too because it saves you from a bad case of arthritis)

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Something to note, it's not random when it appears. It only shows up within the first 8 minutes after the game is booted up.

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If you get there fast enough, it shows up at the top of the room where you first wake up in the dark world


Make sure your game was not open for too much time because that counts towards that total time of 8 minutes to get the item.


I would highly reccomend using the bed to skip the school section. Once that happens, go up and interact with the star-looking thing.


Do note that if you're doing a true reset category you can't use the bed to skip the intro, it only works if you have a save file that's already beaten the game, or if you delete that save without exiting the game (i don't think the latter counts as true reset though, but dont take my word for it idk)


you have to go into the dr files and delete the saves to true reset


quick tip : holding shift makes you run

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no he uses auto run and he really wants other people to use it too


i highly recommend watching the WR video to actually learn the route (might save 20mn)