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Hey, during a run, when I was avoiding the spinning tower things, I discovered that you sometimes can clip through the obstacle without being damaged. If it's something that can be done consistently, might save a small bit of time, and if hitless% becomes a thing, I guess it's a save for that too.

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I had the same thing happen is my last PB too, I think it has to do with walking between the diamonds but I'm not 100% sure.


Every single diamond has it's own individual hitbox (they are reused for attacks in both the overworld and in battles) so there is a small gap where you can slip through at the correct angle.


I guessed as much, I just thought it was worth documenting. Depending on how refined movement gets in this game, someone may be able to find a way to do this consistently. Very minor time save though.


yeah the same thing happened to me in a run but it was a failed run so i was like whatever