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Also, this is already really sus lol. First of all, whether your controller is connected via Bluetooth or USB is irrelevant, and the only thing that changes (in undertale) is that you get the joystick menu.You can't even control your speed using the analog stick.
Secondly, you outwardly think that a speed strat that could make the entire game faster won't be used, but if it did you could play the game with the controller.
riveting. There's no shame in using a controller over keyboard if you prefer it. I'm sure there's a way you could make it work and still play fast.

I don't know why you posted this, especially without any sort of proof.

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Might just be that you had the fullscreen speedup glitch occur and correlated it with your xbox controller set up

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Whatever the input device is, your computer will receive the same message : 'left' or 'right', to make it simple. So switching the input device shouldn't change anything, since the information you'll send to the game will be the exact same


No-one's accusing you of anything, but if you're making a point of it you obviously want something to come from it. A video would be helpful for people to see what you mean but without any evidence there's no reason to pay any attention to what you're saying.

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