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The Japanese language setting is about 13 seconds faster than the English setting.

As far as I can tell, there are the exact same amount of textboxes in Japanese as in English, and you can mash through both equally fast.

The time difference comes from a few parts of the game:

- character creation (~1.25s)
- castle entry text (~3.5s)
- susie joins the party text (~0.75s)
- susie laughing at lancer (~0.75s)
- lancer joining the party (~0.5s)
- text during the susie vs lancer fight (~6s)
- "let's go back tomorrow" text (~0.75s)

All of these parts are slower because the text scrolls out at an automatic pace, and Japanese compresses text more.

There is no time saved in the English setting at any point in the game.

Here is a video that shows the difference between the two languages:

(Sakura's gameplay on the left, my own on the right)

The time difference I recorded (13.466s) is not 100% accurate, but I tried my best to mash text and match my gameplay with Sakura's to the frame.

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Oh it's great information! Thank you !