Seperate Emulation from Console request
1 year ago

Hello, i've recently picked up DD2 for my Japanese PS2 (SCPH90000)

I used to run this using the ps1.13 emulator but from my experience from speed running emu and console is that ps1.13 runs a lot faster than console when it comes to loading times.

A lot of the times when it comes to Emu, it will load faster than console. I've recently submitted one run on console but i still think ps1.13 has the advantage of faster loading times cos it seems to load ps1 games stupidly fast in comparison to a PS2 with FDS.

Just wondering if it would be possible to have separate categories for Emulation and console :)

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time :)


I don't have the numbers to back this up right now but last time I checked Thebpg13 had the among the fastest loading times on the leaderboard, if not the outright fastest, even though he ran on hardware. I also tested loading times on my own NTSC copy and they were a couple tenths faster than my old emu run at each load.

It would probably be a better compromise to reject runs with load times blatantly faster than hardware(which I don't think anyone has ever tried to submit yet) than force a split. It shouldn't be too hard to just set up a benchmark from the fastest NTSC loads available as a threshold that shouldn't be reached on emu.

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Heya Moorea :) Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated!

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Which emulator do you use to run this Moorea?


All my previous runs were on psxfin which I just found today is not allowed anymore under the new rules.

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I had a video going over this a while back when I was still running. Video was taken down and I believe the thread mentioning it was removed also.

Different models of the PS2 have different load times. Same goes for emulators. As you can see from the Individual Level leaderboards, the difference between first and last place on most levels are less than a second. Given that Stock Car is a just a run of all the races - and assuming runners are capable of hitting similar numbers as the top Time Trial runners - then Stock Car comes entirely down clean racing and load times.

The current top 3 runners of Stock Car are all 1-2 seconds apart, but loading screens can add multiple seconds depending on hardware revision/emu. It's possible the entire top 5 is completely inaccurate if we had an alternate way of counting time that stripped out loading completely.

I'm aware that other communities have had to face these kind of issues before, but the question is whether or not anyone here thinks it's worth the time to explore those options given the relatively small number of runners. If there's going to be separate categories for emu, then I think one specific version should be picked so everyone is on the same playing field. For hardware, you still have the revision differences to deal with, but that's just a reality of the category IMO.


Those were more or less Ludwig's conclusions 18 months ago but he couldn't find time to re-time existing runs and/or establish a fairer ruleset that could be viable long term so we're back to square one.

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could just add all the in game times together. like they do with punch out


Or they could also put in the rules a single emulator with the exact configuration so that everyone uses the same configuration, but it has to be an accessible emulator for everyone, Most people will surely play on emulator, those who play on console if they prefer could play on emulator, at least for me that is the fairest without having to add IGT times :)

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Hello everyone,

Following Subsonix's runs on Duckstation, running PAL, console and emulator have now been separated. Since the emulator runs faster than console, it's only appropriate that the split is made, so no one is forced to emulation.

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