ASF 2023
ASF 2023
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Hi everyone, ASF is back with its main online marathon in 2024!

Submissions are open until March 16th, This is your chance to show off your games in one of the years biggest anime gaming events.

Even if you're not participating be sure to tune in May 3rd to May 5th to see the most hype anime game speedrun moments at ASF!

Be sure to follow the Youtube as it will be streaming live there as well

Be sure to post here or in the anime in the anime speedrun discord if you have a question about the event, as well as any ideas or interesting ways to present this game at the event.

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Changes to the Main & Level Leaderboards

Due to an Update to the XV2 game in October 12, 2023 that allow difficulty changes, there have been changes we have/are doing to the board.

Starting today 7 March 2024, us Moderators have added the variable/category or Normal and Easy to the Main Categories Any%, Any% NG+, and Time Patrols and IL C

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